Contemporary Silver Jewellery

Contemporary Silver Jewellery

A gorgeous collection of sterling silver contemporary jewellery-All handmade in the UK-Free UK delivery.

Equinox Silver Jewellery create classic wearable silver and gold jewellery with symbolic meanings to wear and treasure.

Jewellery can have a truly personal meaning to you, and the emotive messages within Equinox's designs celebrate special moments, milestones and memories in life.

We make our jewellery in a jewellery workshop in the UK using traditional techniques learned over years to perfection.

We pride ourselves on our high attention to detail, creating for you classic, stylish and wearable silver & gold jewellery that you will treasure.

We believe it's not about fashionable items that come and go.

Our jewellery is the kind you wear each day, something you cherish because of its meaning, something you tell your friends about.